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InfrastructureHow can you plan long-term resource requirements when the reality is that your company's planning horizon only extends twelve to eighteen months into the future? Is it even wise to hire full-time IT employees when the direction of business, and concurrently, that of technology, are changing so rapidly?

The answer to this dilemma is different for every company and every situation. One alternative you should consider is acquiring help from outside sources. And when you make that choice, the first place you should call is Itxtend.

There are numerous reasons to utilize Itxtend consultants as you move forward with your technology initiatives:

Cost Savings: By staffing only for your current needs, and not permanently, you keep long-term technology development and support expenses under control.

Flexible Resource Allocation: With Itxtend's experienced consultants, you can select the specific skill sets required, and then allocate your own permanent resources where they are most needed and most effective. The end result is optimized productivity.

Immediate Productivity: Depending on the project at hand, your staff may be facing a significant learning curve on new technologies or platforms. Bringing in consultants from Itxtend who already have the business knowledge and experience with the particular tools and equipment means you can move ahead rapidly and meet aggressive project targets.

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