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E-Frame is the combination of proven software methodologies, automated tools, and unique development components such as: communication and connection pooling services, business objects, and design strategies. The E-Frame architecture streamlines eBusiness applications by integrating system development, deployment and maintenance.

By utilizing effective models in a homogeneous development environment, E-Frame provides a stable, scalable, and flexible platform from which the applications are driven. Included in the suite are a set of organized production principles, literally embedded in the product so as to guide the user from specifications to database design.

The premise for this technology is based on the following assumptions:

  • The new software user, the customer, requires easy to operate, exciting, and intuitive graphical interfaces for any level of process and will not be satisfied with less
  • That the customers require timely access to the information aggregated and stored in the database and other components of the system
  • The database model must be especially designed to generate new communities without any developer intervention and minimal technology knowledge
  • The integrated information system must run across platforms and operating systems. For this reason, an enhanced J2EE version is utilized using our forward-looking methodology
  • The software must operate freely with a variety of hardware and networks, having the ability to process incoming data from firmware devices
  • That the use of standard industry tools and languages are desirable and necessary, for applicability of the system, for resources during building phases and maintenance phases.Widely accepted standards are also imperative for the production of reliable, standardized software products
  • That the user, now and in the future, will demand the ability to access, store, and process all forms of data, including multimedia, and various forms of content that previously were confined to multiple niche systems
  • The software must bridge this existing gap in order to create a truly integrated solution

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