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InfrastructureItxtend resources are highly skilled in the selection and implementation of enterprise application packages in the SCM, CRM, ERP and EAI service areas. We have an excellent track record in seamlessly implementing and integrating applications from renowned vendors like Peoplesoft, Great Plains, JDEdwards, Onyx and Siebel Systems, to name a few.

Our enterprise solutions have addressed the needs of industry verticals such as manufacturing, financial services, utilities, telecom, retail, transportation and healthcare. Our solutions are implemented with very stringent quality processes to enable our clients to enhance the quality of their products and services.

Itxtend consultants have implemented multiple enterprise application systems in diverse industry groups. We provide extensive domain expertise to each implementation that allows clients to achieve significant business benefits. We help customers use the technical tools of the Internet to integrate back office systems and applications into a complete e-Business solution. Our solutions bridge the gaps between trading partners seeking tighter collaboration in their supply chain, extend enterprise application functionality into an intranet and Web-based environment, extend the sales channel into untapped markets, and provide "self service" based applications over the Internet.

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