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Institutional Memory Management


Today 80% of all corporate knowledge is stored within documents (Source:Delphi) with new documents created daily. Effective and proactive knowledge management can serve as a corporation's institutional memory. This could help reduce the costly duplication of effort as well as reduce the time consuming and frustrating process to locate information that someone else had access to before they left. Despite today's best efforts to go paperless, there are still reams of paper printed, and filed, stored and wasted everyday. An extremely efficient filing system along with some resources knowledgeable in the filing system, can probably track through these documents and files when the need arises. But what if this resource(s) are not available when you need a document. Wouldn't it be great if this information was readily available to employees as and when needed online through simple search capabilities.

At Itxtend, we have done just that. We have developed a framework to generate custom solutions for clients who want to build their Institutional Memory. Our IMM framework provides ways to capture documents for a printer, OCR, email and manual file upload.. The documents can be categorized by the system with the use of a rules based engine or the customer can manually assign them to a category. Users can then search through the archival system based on keywords or categories. Automatic or manual distribution capabilities for documents are available as well in the framework.

These search capabilities can be exposed on the Internet through a secure web site where your users on the road can have the same capabilities.

The IMM architecture involves the following components:

  • Printer Capturing Engine
  • OCR Capturing Engine
  • Email Capturing Engine
  • Workflow Rules Engine
  • Data Parsing Engine
  • Online Web-Based Reporting and Data Mining Tools
  • Client Side Signed Components

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Institutional Memory Management